A note to stepmoms everywhere

Mother’s Day is a Myth

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imagesU2OSMEOUThis mother’s day was cut a little short for me. My husband had planned a nice relaxing weekend for me, and there was a bit of unexpected turbulence through the whole thing. But Sunday We gathered up the kids from their mom’s as usual and went to church. About 10 minutes in, the youngest child had a clear issue with her eye, so off to the walk in clinic we went. And sat. For about 3 hours. I thought “happy mothers day” while flipping through magazines. Of course there was some mothers day pink eye. The rest of the day was running around and visiting. I don’t expect anything on mother’s day, namely because I have none of my own children. But it seems a running joke that crazy things always seem to happen on that day. If anything I would ask our simply be a normal Sunday. Or that any other day be a normal day for that matter. People tell me that because I act like mom by helping to take care of them that I’m a mother too. It sounds nice, but I think any stepmom will tell you it’s different. It’s not like taking care of the life you created, it’s not like raising your children with the lessons and morals you choose. Two other people have made those decisions already. You can set up an idea of how you would like things to be, but you have to be mindful to enforce someone else’s rules and regulations. You have authority but you don’t. It’s a crazy balancing act. Your schedule will change on a whim and it’s almost never yours. Your days will never be normal, there’s too many variables involved. And that’s where the big difference between mom and stepmom come in; it’s not your job to make the rules or the schedule, it’s your job to fill in the gaps and keep things running as smoothly as possible. I’m not sure what that day would be, “human spackle day”? Sounds kinda gross.


Author: Jessie Henry

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