A note to stepmoms everywhere

I’ll take a day on, please.

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Holy cow, what a weekend. Everyone has been asking me if I’m enjoying my day off, and I feel like “day off?”  Sure I didn’t go to my paid job today, but the first thing that happened when I got out of bed today was I cooked for people. Luckily, my husband was off so he helped. But that’s still dirty dishes, still arguing to referee, still eyes rolling at me when asked to do something. I told my husband that weekends feel long to me because each day feels like 2 days, and I just somehow forgot that I went to work or something. The kids had a nice time this weekend. We had lots of fires and s’mores and time with family. They spent most of it outside running around and doing kid stuff, and I would have it no other way. Did I get a “day off”? I guess that’s a relevant term and it wasn’t relevant to this weekend, apparently. But I won’t be working forever, and I won’t be living with them forever. I will have plenty of “time off” in my life. They are only growing and finding who they are as people now, that’s a much higher priority.

They are young and easily influenced, and when they are older they will look back and see what kinds of things were important. We made time for family, we sat down to dinner every day they were with us, we did things together that we all enjoyed, we were all close and handled our issues as they came along. Those are the skills they will need to raise their children and have their families. I can’t show them how to style their hair, or the latest way to paint your nails or tell them who the hottest designer is, but I can show them how to live life. That is my job, and that is something I can’t take a day off from, even when they aren’t here. All stepmoms’ schedules are different, but a stepmom’s heart is full time.



Author: Jessie Henry

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