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Wohoo for Wednesday!

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IMG_20131207_165809Oh thank God people! I made it. I made it to Wednesday. Now that doesn’t seem like much of an achievement, but we recently went back to our normal visitation schedule with the girls, and that means they are at their mom’s house tonight and tomorrow. Im sure that seems mean, selfish, lazy. .. whatever, I have been a full time school chauffeur, caregiver, cook, maid. .. for months now. I understand that’s what having kids is about, but I have inherited 13 years worth of children in like 4 years. I’m still adjusting, sorry. I can’t be that selfish and lazy, I changed to a 30 hours a week job so I could help take care of the kids more. So I lost 10 hours with of paid work and picked up like 30 hours worth of mommyness. Mommyness is tiring, and you don’t get paid for that, by the way. I praise all of you full-time mommyness experts, I feel now that I don’t think I could hold that position.

But all that aside, I was just super excited to get to just come home from work today. Then I got to do something wonderful that every woman in mommydom needs to do regularly; I took a nap! I still have to do dishes and laundry, but today I got a nap and it was like chocolate cake. It was delicious. I really suggest you all invest in some nap time, it’s seriously fantastic.

This morning as I was dropping the kids off, we were talking about a story on the news. We live in Wisconsin, and we are in what is affectionately referred to as its armpit (corner of the state full of cities). The youngest child has made maps of the state and studied it plenty. But as soon as the older two got out of the car, she said “wait, there are woods in Wisconsin? ”

Sometimes she asks questions that make you confused. Like “how did Christopher Columbus get to America without running out of gas?” Seriously.


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