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Is It Monday Yet!?

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This has been a serious day. Like seriously way too much crap going on. I got up and made sure the youngest child was un-hoarding her nutty mess of a room. Then we went to a social event; a block party held by our church. It was nice. There was lots for the kids to do, but that didn’t keep them from asking for more.

It was super tiring trying to have intelligent conversations with people I sort of know while games and music and shouting children are all going off at the same time. I got wiped out and waited for the kids to be done enough for us to leave. But they had fun and ate plenty of garbage and won plenty of useless prizes, so they were temporarily happy.

I had to run to the store and then dragged all my people to my mom’s for a cookout and fireworks. My mom and stepdad did their usual awkward fight thing that makes it all tense and uncomfortable. It reminded me of why I moved out when I was 17. After that the youngest child had a bit of a meltdown.

The youngest is strongly suspected to have ADD.I normally restrict her sugar intake, but today, she had 2 suckers, cotton candy and a ring pop. She was crashing after dinner. We are about to leave for the fireworks and she says “dad, do you have any money on you? Wait, I saw it, I know you do. Can I buy something at the fireworks? I need candy.” I let her know she had eaten plenty of garbage all day and she wouldn’t be getting anything at the fireworks. So she walked around dragging her lip on the ground and giving me the “you’re so mean!” look.  Like that works. For anyone. Ever.

But now we are listening to horrible cover songs waiting for things to explode while the kids fight with each other. I only hope they blow up before I do.


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