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The “School is Over” Condundrum, and Groucho

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Groucho Marks

Groucho Marks

Tomorrow is the oldest child’s 8th grade graduation. The joy of being a step-parent is that instead of being all misty eyed, crying “my baby is growing up”, I can shout “SCHOOL IS OVER!!!!”  I can’t tell you how excited I am to not have to do the morning zoo anymore. AND next year will be better because their mom is moving closer to us, so that means their school will be closer to us. Super fantasticleness! I love sleep.  Maybe it’s because I don’t get enough, but I love it and am super amped to sleep some more.

I am not super excited that it will be summer, and that means a whole day of kids hanging out at home, fighting with each other and making a mess.  A full day’s worth of mess.  Just for me. Yay.

Mornings do have their charms, though.  On the way to drop the kids off for school this morning, the youngest says “Why are they called board games? Because they are boring?”

Middle child has a Groucho Marx fake face (pictured above) and she decided to use it to create an alter-ego. His name is Charles Winston Winston (yes, twice) and he is a “reliable lawyer”.  She came downstairs last night and very deliberately approached me with her hand out and declared “Charles Winston Winston, reliable lawyer”. When I looked at her confused, then looked at her hand in suspicion, she quickly withdrew and said “Oh, not so friendly, huh? Well that’s okay, let me tell you about my services”. Then had a short list of weird, fake settlement cases. This morning she was making business cards and was trying to figure out what her “lawyer catch phrase should be”. I think there’s way too much tv involved here. I told her it should be “my name’s so nice I have it twice”. She thought that was great, so she wrote it.

Maybe they will be creative enough to try to keep out of trouble this summer. I can just order them all to pretend they are someone else all day.


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