A note to stepmoms everywhere

A Gift To Every Father

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Obviously since I am a stepmom my husband is a father. He is a different kind of father. He is close with his kids. They joke around, have inside jokes, wrestle in the kitchen while I’m trying to make dinner. When one of them is having a hard time he sits close to them and speaks softly, gives them time to process their feelings, find their words. He goes through their problems with them to help them through. He works hard to give them everything but has the wisdom not to give too much. He teaches them to think for themselves, be their own people. He encourages them not to make mistakes he had made but promises to be there to help if they do.

This is not to say he’s never lost his temper or forgotten something or hurt someone’s feelings on accident. He is still human.

But he learned all of these things from his father. He learned what it meant to sacrifice for your family and that it’s not always easy but you work through it, because that’s what being a man is.

And I married him because, although my father’s techniques may have been slightly different, that is what he showed me a man should be.

Fathers take heart. Your legacy is in details you may not even see. The people you are forming today will take your lessons and pass them forward through the generations.Your legacy is the love you have for your family, and that is the greatest gift of all.


Author: Jessie Henry

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