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The Best Summer EVER … So Far

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Well there have been a few changes for the better this summer, and the kids have only been out for like 5 days! I love it! I’ve been waiting for this for so long, it’s like running a marathon. You see the end, you totally feel like you’re gonna die before you get there, then you cross the finish line and just collapse! You don’t have to drag it along anymore! You may have peed yourself, but no one cares!

Anyway, that was off topic. It has been completely wonderful to sleep in till 6:30. I can’t tell you how magical that is. I can sleep in, there’s no rushing around, no line of little people in the middle of the kitchen with their arms crossed waiting. We made it on time every morning, but almost every morning there was a notion of “We’re gonna be late!”. Then if I was early, one of them was late. But that doesn’t matter, because I can just get up, make my husband some food, and eventually, sort of take my sweet time and coagulate into an actual person. It’s a gradual process, and it’s very cranky.

This Monday, my husband suprised me with a sudden cancellation of cable. Now I don’t really mind that. I’m sure most people would do the fall-to-thier-knees screaming “WHY!?!” with the hands dramatically stretched towards the sky. But I grew up without cable most of the time, and don’t really miss it so much when it’s gone. And do you know what? The kids have been doing great without it!

When we have cable, I come home and there’s a mess. “I didn’t get to pick that up, I was going to, but then my show came on…” Also, they’re all cranky because they’ve been in the living room all day, watching tv, fighting over the remote and not getting fresh air. Monday, they were out running the neighborhood, hanging out in the alley, playing together. They got along, they had great attitudes, it was wonderful! Yesterday, they walked to the library and got books to read! I come home and everyone is happy and getting along and the house is clean! This is fantastic!

I’m telling you people, I have not come up with a good way to restrict the amount of tv or internet that my family is exposed to. I always knew it would make a big difference because of how much everyone changes on camping trips. If you have any way to cut back or shut off cable or games or whatever, I’m telling you, DO IT!!! It is amazing! I know it may sound like it sucks, but you’ll be suprised how much you don’t miss it.

This is seriously going to be the best summer ever. As soon as we get the internet back.


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