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Breaking News; We Love the Library.

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Happy Sunday! Once again I have to sing the praises of the absence of cable. The kids are like new people. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still an occasional “she’s touching me!” outbreak, but they are localized and quickly quelled. They are much more interested in going and visiting family (without even asking for money), they are getting along better and entitlement is down on the S&P by like 500 points. I’m not sure if that’s a financially correct statement, but it’s almost totally gone is the point.

Here’s the problem with cable. If you have it, just sit with your kids for a day and watch what they are watching. It’s not goofy cartoons, it’s not all Sponge Bob and funny little things like that. Most of those shows have rich kids who have everything and are dressed impeccably. They would be insulted to not appear perfect. They don’t like to admit when they’ve made a mistake, act like they are better than others and are never held accountable by their clueless parents. So yeah, if your kids watch that all the time, guess what? They are sucking all of that up like the wonderful little sponges they are. And I don’t mean Sponge Bob.

They soak up all of the attitudes they are exposed to, and the snotty little kids on the Disney channel are no exception. Are they talented? Maybe they are, but that doesn’t change the fact that the characters they play are terrible role models for kids.

We have only had the cable off for like a week, and it’s been an adjustment, but there haven’t been any serious meltdowns. What’s better, is there was no Sunday-itis today. Now, in case you haven’t read the previous post, that is the mysterious ailment that strikes the children every Sunday. They continuously whine, argue and go out of their way to irritate each other into fights. All. Day. Long. Every Sunday.

The middle child dragged her lip on the ground a little today (code for pouting), but they generally act like they never had cable in the first place. And they are excited to go back to the library tomorrow and get new books because they’ve finished the ones they took out last week.

I love this. And you know what? I got the house cleaned today! Epic! I mean like “having company” clean, not like “good enough for us” clean. If you don’t live with children, you may not realize how epic that is. But I’m pretty amped.


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