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General Confusion and Moderate Disorder, Also Known As Monday


Well I was super excited to get our “Summer of Art” kicked off today, but it’s Monday, so things went nutty. Like they do every Monday. I don’t know what it is about Mondays, I always say they are like a hurricane; you just hang on, keep your head down and try to figure out what happened when it’s over. Tuesdays are “clean up” days.

The kids did go to the library and got some new books. Youngest has Little House on the Prairie, a classic. I hope she likes it. I wanted to sit down and listen to what they read and did all day. But instead, I was all tired and cranky. I came home with jello-brains, unable to think straight or make a decision. I just wanted to take a short nap before dinner. But the youngest was having a hard time getting ice in her cup, and was dropping cubes all over the floor. Then they watched a Disney show on Netflix (dangit!!) and it was really annoying. So no nap. We went to IHOP for dinner, and that was seriously the worst dinner I’ve ever had. I hate that place now. I was disappointed. It was a sucky dinner and we didn’t get to talk about anything and I was all tired and just blah.

We got home and the kids wanted to put up the badminton net, so I did. I had a good laugh at them trying to play. We all almost peed ourselves a few times. There was lots of shouting and giggles, and then a meltdown after a disagreement. Youngest child had some pancakes for dinner, and that was an unwise decision. She came in the house and frantically cried that no one wanted to play with her after she called them stupid. Weird. An apology was ordered and they were all told to play for 20 minutes, they played for an hour. It was nice.

It’s so amazing how much things have changed in the last couple weeks since they’ve been out of school and off of cable. My days have slowed down, there’s not rushed car rides with children arguing or being cranky. There’s no hurried constant schedule with no hope for rest or a break. No wave of mounting chores over my head and endless places to be and things to do. It was a constant struggle just to hold things together and keep some kind of order in the chaos, and now it’s not like that.

There’s time, things have slowed so I can hear things. I can hear what they need and what the “gaps” are so I can do better. I can’t do better every day, but I can try. Things are about to pick up a little again, but not like they were.

Life is so fast, it can be so overwhelming. When you have so much going on, all you can do is survive and hang on, you don’t have time to make real connections with the people around you. Eliminate something. Turn off the cable, cut out an activity, sit down to dinner. Activities outside of the family are nowhere near as important as the hour or two they have your full attention. They can open up to you and tell you things they need to say. It’s so easy to be too busy to hear their little voices trying to tell you the story of their lives.

Except in our case, those little voices drowned out the tv show my husband was trying to watch. Whatever. Girls are loud.


Author: Jessie Henry

Reinventing my life and enjoying my adventure. Living life as full as I like with no apologies, loving all of it.

2 thoughts on “General Confusion and Moderate Disorder, Also Known As Monday

  1. We must share a brain sometimes because my view on Mondays and Tuesdays is the same!


  2. Mondays in Mommydom are always hectic and go awry. Even in step-Mommydom! At least they usually go fast.


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