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I would say Tuesday was a tornado, but that storm rolled right over into today, so I can’t say that. I didn’t even get to sit down until like 8:30 at night yesterday. I woke up, did my normal frantic morning rush. Went to work, realizing I have a short week, so hustled there all day, then dashed out of work, bank, pet store, home to grab the kids, store, drop kids off at practice, store. Then at that last store, the check I deposited at the bank wasn’t available, so we had to wait for my husband to show up and rescue us so we could have food. Dangit. Then home, dinner, another store, then home for a movie. Gah! I seriously should have had people set up on the side of the road with cups of water for me for that marathon.

Today started with the dog getting into the garbage that was too full to close and making trash shrapnel. Love it. It’s like a stinky party. Then rush off to work for a day of controlled chaos, to rush home and get full-on mobbed walking in the door. “Jessie, can you help me sew a pillow?” “Jessie, what’s for dinner, we have to hurry up and eat?” “Jessie, do you know what we got from the store today?” “Jessie, do you want to see what I made today?”

Brain went “poof” and little clouds of smoke puff out of my ears.

I go in the house and right away and started to try to cook dinner and give a sewing lesson right away. Then I realized we are out of gas for the grill. Then I had a moment, and I thought “You know what! My husband was home all day! Why didn’t he make dinner or go get gas?!?!” So I sent him out for gas, keeping my mouth shut because I was super frustrated and didn’t want to yell at anyone. Then there was a last second decision to not cook. There was enough going on already, and I hadn’t even had time to pee yet!

So I have a little time right now until practice is over, then back to the sewing lesson. It should be super fun because I can barely think and would much rather go to bed. But I suppose that’s a side effect of mommyness. I hope I don’t mess up.

I thought that somehow things were about to slow down, but the only difference is the craziness has shifted to 2nd shift. I guess you can’t win. Mommydom is a busy place and there’s not always a lot of breaks. Step-mommydom has days that are like teacher institute days. The kids aren’t there, but the work still is. You may get the house clean, or get shopping done or appointments at the doc or dentist, but as soon as the kids are back, you’re behind on your work again like it never happened. The work never ends and people only notice when it doesn’t get done. But the much improved attitudes and seriously decreased arguments among the little people in the house makes it a lot easier to handle it all. Which is good because this week, there’s a lot to handle. All at once.


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