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Success is a Fluffy Pillow


Photo: Olivias first sewing project on the machine all by herself.

At work today, the idea of new meets old hit with the usual clash. We have an awesome new phone system, but I work in a church with some people that are older than the age of being “technologically functional”. The touch-screen and passwords and voicemails delivered via email are just about too much for them. Despite the fact that I personally give them a tutorial on a regular basis, they still ask me every day the same things. “How do I get voicemails?” “How do I check missed calls?” “How do I receive a transferred call?”

I think it’s funny that they liked the old system better. The system where you didn’t know who was calling, couldn’t transfer a call and making an international call to Zimbabwe was simpler thank checking your voicemail. I don’t understand, but give me like 20 years and maybe I will.

On the home front, however, the summer art project is going great. I really suggest trying something like this at your own home. It eliminates summer boredom, increases teamwork and reduces junk tv. I also tell them they can watch a documentary instead of reading if they want. They are learning a lot about our military. Very cool.

But yesterday, the oldest read out loud to the other two (at first it was against their will, but they remembered what she read, so they must have enjoyed it), the middle child made a coin bank that she decorated with duct tape, and the youngest plotted out a first sewing project. She has never used a sewing machine before, so I sat next to her and carefully instructed her, but leaned back and let her do it. She made a pillow, an excellent first project. Then I showed her how to stuff and close it up. She LOVED it.

They all were very excited to tell me about what they did all day. They were so proud of themselves, it was cute.

It’s nice for a change to come home and not have the dog be the only happy to see me. There’s too much acceptance of a non-productive lifestyle. It’s like they are growing with some sort of weird “social communism”, where everyone is wonderful, and no one is ever challenged to be more. So to give them a way to stand out and shine, give them their own time and be proud of what they can accomplish on their own, is so vital. It’s like fertilizer; remember that you are growing little people. They all are different, so they will all need their own fertilizer. They will grow into people you never imagined.

I just hope I don’t accidentally turn them into beatniks.



Author: Jessie Henry

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