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Sailing Calmer Waters

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Captain Hubby

Captain Hubby

The past two days have been a real blessing, and I feel very much at peace. Yesterday, my husband and I took the day off work to have what sounded like a wonderful idea of going fishing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I thought the idea of just being on a sunny, peaceful lake with my husband all day was enough for me. I thought that was great. But my husband works for an outdoor equipment company, so I think he felt like I needed to catch something to make it a day.

We borrowed a canoe with a little motor on it, then we borrowed my dad’s little truck to tow the canoe. Since the truck is small and my husband is 6’4″, I drove. There are laws of physics that apply to towing a trailer that I’m not fully familiar with. I have no idea how those things are backed up, but we were able to just unhook it and pull it around.

We were on the beautiful lake in the sun with perfect weather for about 5 hours. It was quiet and peaceful, and we just got to hang out and have some quality time together. My husband caught a bass, and that was it. We reeled in more seaweed than I’ve seen in my entire life, it was ridiculous. Then I was stupid tired. But it was a perfect day, fish or not.

Today, I had a rough time getting out of bed. Apparently sitting on a boat for like 5 hours constantly casting and reeling in uses muscles that my body normally finds useless. Weird.

We got up and met a friend at a restaurant. She was supposed to come to our house, but our dog is a beast and I couldn’t handle that today. Meeting with her was really great, like hanging out with family you don’t see often enough. We had a good time.

We just got home from the oldest child’s play for her youth group at church. They put on a good production and it was cute. It’s not our weekend with the kids, but due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, they are with us.

All is right with the world. The kids are doing great, our friends are hanging in there with encouragement and support, we had a vacation in a day squeezed in there, and we will spend time with family tomorrow too. I feel truly wealthy and blessed, and these are the kinds of blessings I wish on other people. This is what it is to be wealthy. It’s not about money, how you dress or what you have, it’s about who you have and what you can do for them with what you have.

I wish you all to be so blessed. Even if you don’t catch any fish.


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