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It’s a Monday of Michelle

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The envelope itself.

The envelope itself.

Happy Monday everybody! The Monday hurricane blew through with less force than usual today. I was pleasantly surprised to get an unusual amount of work done for a Monday. And I found out it is unusual to raise your hand during a meeting like a 2nd grader (frantically wave it around with a determined look on your face). What can I say, I work at a church, my boss is very longwinded. I had to stop him somehow.

Halfway through my day something unusual happened; I got a call from the middle child. Now, if I am going to get a phone call, it’s usually the oldest. So I was kind of scared something bad had happened to her or it was something she was afraid to call me about, but it turned out to be something pretty neat.

A few months ago, the kids came home from school and were complaining about how much their lunches suck at school. They said that the fruit they were offered was moldy and they have to take it, but they also have to pay for it. The middle child pointed at Michelle Obama on tv, and said “hey, isn’t she supposed to be fixing this?” We said, “well, yeah, kind of”. Then she said she was going to sit down and write her a letter. So she did, and it was good. I was pretty impressed. We mailed it off the next day and said that it was great that she stepped up and tried, even if she got nothing back.

Today I answer my phone, and the middle child is almost out of breath “Jessie! I got a letter from the White House!!!” She was crying. It was adorable. I asked her what it said and she said “I don’t want to open it until daddy is home! Oh, he’s calling, hold on” then she put me on hold, and in her excitement and emotions, she forgot about me and hung up. When she opened it, there were autographed pictures of the first family and a letter addressed just to her. She had been noticed by someone important.

I helped her find frames for her new documents. I want her to be able to see that she is important, and she was worth remembering, even to the first lady.

Then I went through my Facebook with the kids and showed them all the things I post about them. They were surprised how much I post about them, but they loved that I “see” them, and that in my world, they matter. And I tell everyone about it.



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