A note to stepmoms everywhere

Blowin Up!


image So I’m sure most people are clamoring for some fireworks right now. Picking their spots and patiently waiting on blankets and lawn chairs for a spectacular display of violent and dangerous explosions set to patriotic music. Oh joy. I love holidays every other year, and I apparently loved them last year. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country and I love my freedom, but I will forgo the bombs bursting in midair this year. I saw some a few weeks ago in the rain. Good enough.

Besides, I’m doing my best to have some sort of birthday party for the kids this weekend. They are excited about having everyone over and seeing their family. The middle child wants to flaunt her baking skills by making her own cupcakes for everyone. I can hear her calling her grandmother right now to tell her there’s a problem with the homemade frosting. Oops.

I’ve been preparing bits and pieces for this party all week. My husband got pretty sick for a few days and that made it complicated to be ready early, but he was feeling better today so we got caught up. But this morning, I woke up and I was sick.

I’m sick people! The party is tomorrow, I’ve invited everyone I’m related to and I’m sick! Gah!

Stuff like this always happens to me, and I suppose since nothing else was going wrong it was bound to be this way. There was a Christmas where I decided to make all of the presents. That proved to be so stressful, that when I ran out of butter on Christmas morning, I started crying and told my husband to call off the holiday. I had a butter meltdown. Or there was the Christmas that my husband had to leave to go get stitches an hour before his family would be here. I get sick, I burn food, I have meltdowns, kids throw up, dog bites someone, something breaks… every time, people. Every. Single. Time.

The good news is, I assumed I would feel worse tomorrow, so I got as much as possible done today in preparation to be bedridden. Some of you might be saying “well maybe you’ll feel better tomorrow”. Im holding out a small amount of hope for that too, but I have (due to a chronic disorder) a compromised immune system. I would be delighted to wake up refreshed like nothing happened. But my husband was sick for 3 days. It doesn’t look good.

So here’s to patriotism, birthdays, and family get-togethers of all kinds. I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful weekend, or at least you tried to have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your burnt grill offerings and giant explosions. Take care and keep all fingers and hands attached. Go give a few extra ooohs and aaaahs for me. I’ll be in bed.







Author: Jessie Henry

Reinventing my life and enjoying my adventure. Living life as full as I like with no apologies, loving all of it.

6 thoughts on “Blowin Up!

  1. Did that go through??


  2. Awwww I hope you feel better!! Sending you quick healing vibes!!


  3. Your vibes were too strong, they were blocked. Ha! Yes that went through. And due to the fact that now the kids are also sick, the party has been canceled. Woohoo! Independence plague!


  4. O M G!!! It’s MURPHYS law!! I’m telling you!!! I didn’t even THINK of the kids getting sick!!! Here’s to health and restful sleep for you all!!!


  5. You are welcome! Hang in there!


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