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Quarantine Party!!

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it's like this

it’s like this

Today we had been scheduled to host a mildly fabulous meatfest of a birthday party. There was going to be chopped pork, 3 racks of ribs and hamburgers, and my dad’s famous potato salad. But yesterday I woke up not feeling so hot. It came on the heels of my husband having been disgustingly sick for days. I had seen how he felt and was not super excited about going through the same process. But I knew what was coming, so I buckled down and got ready for the party, I figured I would just be in bed for most of it.

Midway through the morning, the oldest child was acting silly, sneezing constantly and said she had a sore throat. She said she would tough it out for the party and it would be okay. After she started coughing like an old man, their mom came to pick them up for a bit. They were going out on the boat to see fireworks.

About an hour later, I came upstairs to find the oldest and middle child in the living room. I said “That was quick, what happened to the fireworks?” Oldest child says “I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to be out there and I really wanted some cold medicine and cough drops”. I asked where the youngest child was, and they said she was on the boat. I asked the middle child why she wasn’t on the boat, “My throat hurts and I don’t feel good.”

So now both of the girls who the party is for are sick. I’m sick, my husband is sick, and the 2 kids are sick. My husband was fully ready to just let everyone come over and wallow in our plague infested disease den. I said “Normal people would cancel the party.” So we pretended to be normal.

So I have about 6 pounds of potato salad, 25 hamburger buns, 6 pounds of pork shoulder and 3 racks of ribs to do something with. Fantastic. I suppose we will eat what we can. We can’t reschedule, summer is too short and the kids have been dying to go somewhere. A party means that an entire weekend of going out and camping or going to the zoo or something like that is shot.

It’s like the walking dead in the house today. Nobody can hear anything right, no one is sure what’s going on and everyone is mildly delusional. The youngest child isn’t sick, so she’s looking at the rest of us like we’ve lost our minds. When something amusing happens, we all lowly chuckle, because that’s all the energy we have. It’s like a bunch of really bubbly zombies are hanging out in my house.

But we are making all of the ribs later. We will have a little fire outside and have ourselves a little “sicky” party, all quarantined to ourselves. We’re going to have fun whether we realize it or not!


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