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Couging, Cupcakes and Construction (and things that DON’T start with “C”)

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Photo: All these beautiful cupcakes and the party has been cancelled. :(

It’s a day where I really don’t want to put too much effort into anything. I mean, I don’t really have much effort to put into anything in the first place. There’s nothing like a good respiratory infection to suck the wind out of your sails. But you can’t really rest when you feel like you can’t breathe, so you can’t win either way.

This morning has been super fun. My sickly crankiness from the weekend seemed to hijack a ride to work with me this morning. Add to that the fact that I ran into construction while taking a detour around the road that was closed for construction and had to drive to the next major road to turn around. Happy Monday.

This weekend I had planned on being all super geared up for a party, then we all fell sick. Well, my husband had been sick and the youngest child was oddly immune to our disease. So the party was cancelled and we all stayed in bed all day, except the youngest, who was thankfully whisked away by her grandma. Then we had our private sicky rib party, where we all sat outside, giggling in our delusional illness, quietly gnawing at our ribs. Then we had a nice little fire for just a little bit and all went to bed.

During our subdued festivities, even though no friends had come over, and only a few family members had briefly stopped, the middle child looked at her father and said “I’m happy.”

The party was cancelled, we were all miserably sick, unable to think, hear or breathe, no one would see all the beautiful cupcakes they so carefully crafted, but in that moment, it was okay. She was happy.

Even though this weekend was drastically different than what we all had prepared for and looked forward to, just having some mellow time with each other was good enough.

Oh, and as for the beautiful cupcakes, I wish I could tell you that the 5 of us didn’t find a way to eat them all. But I would be lying. I’m mildly disgusted with myself.


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