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A Vacation from My Vacation


A professional angler in the making!

A professional angler in the making!

Well, I must say, our weekend in the “wilderness” was pretty fantastic, bumps and mishaps and all. It all went pretty well. Nobody got hurt, the dog didn’t get to bite anyone and we’re all still alive. Fantastic.

Friday we rolled out on a trip that seemed short and painless, then the tents went up in record time. We had dinner, and the 2 younger kids tried to put a bean bag toss game together. Both tried to tell the other what to do and neither felt the need to read directions. It somehow got put together, not sure how.

Saturday was the middle child’s birthday (she keeps saying that now she’s “physically 13”), so a breakfast of epic proportions was created. Chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, sausage, and corned beef hash. I’m pretty awesome on a skillet and camp stove, if I do say so.

Then we went fishing. The kids were so excited, I couldn’t believe it. They loved it. They figured out how to do everything themselves. They needed some guidance and a little help when the reels snagged up, but they did pretty good. The oldest child somehow ended up completely covered in line at one point, like her reel exploded. Not sure how.

Towards the end of our trip, I snagged something under the water, and in the process of trying to help me, my husband lost the entire top half of my pole. It just slipped off and slid right down the line, into the water. Gone forever. The kids all offered up their poles, but I didn’t want to take them. I just hung out with the dog.

Even though it was overcast and raining a little all Saturday, I managed to get a pretty intense sunburn. Saturday night brought a pretty awesome storm. I mean full on downpour. Puddles and standing water, winds, lightning…it was a little like a hurricane. The kids abandoned their tent for the car and my husband and I were stranded in our tent, watching the water pour in through the seams and puddle on the floor. Everything got wet, and the temperature dropped. I had a dry fleece throw to huddle under in my damp clothes. It was probably around 60 degrees out, but when you’re wet, that might as well be 30.

After a long night of what may have been mild hypothermia, I really needed a shower to stop freezing. I felt bad for the kids, so I made another epic breakfast. We went off for another adventure, but discovered we couldn’t take the dog anywhere so they went without me and I dried out and packed up camp.

They caught some little fish and came back planning their next trip. They can’t wait to go again.

Well, my shoulder is blistered, I haven’t slept well since Friday, and the house is still dirty, but the kids had a good time. It was something we needed to do as a family.

My husband is on a trip all this week, and for the first time in what might be a month, the kids are at their mom’s for the week. I am alone in the house for a few days!! I would like for my husband to be home, I would like to spend some time with just him. But I guess trying to relax and take care of myself for a few days is also needed. I’ve been in full on “mom” mode for a while, and you forget to do things, like tweeze your eyebrows, sit down or have quiet time. I’m getting a hair cut tomorrow (I cut it like twice a year) and I’m sure I’ll do my usual falling asleep in the chair thing. You forget what it’s like to have someone kind of take care of you like that.

I can’t wait. They’ve been with us so much, I really had a big gap to fill. I did more than usual and really pushed myself to be more of a mom. I’ve been scared of that because they have a mom, and it’s hard to find a balance there. But they’ve needed me to be more than their friend, so I risked stepping on toes and started being more of a mom type person. It’s been more rewarding, but seems like it takes away from time with my hubby, and definitely takes away from self-care.

But the kids are thriving. I will have time for self-care later. Right now, little people are in bloom.


Author: Jessie Henry

Reinventing my life and enjoying my adventure. Living life as full as I like with no apologies, loving all of it.

2 thoughts on “A Vacation from My Vacation

  1. Tweezing…yep, thanks for the reminder.Time…it will happen someday:) You are awesome!


  2. I haven’t dyed my hair in about 4 months either. Thank you! Definitely a compliment coming from the big leagues!


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