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The Summer’s Just Blowing in the Wind

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It’s her first shoot as a professional.

We have reached the end of a time warped week. I was never really sure what day it was all week and was almost constantly surprised by what was waiting for me at home. Which is totally weird, I mean, I live there. I had just been there that morning. But every day I came home and said “crap”.

I was surprised by kids and messes and things I forgot to do. I was also surprised by time disappearing and almost being late for things and then realizing I was blogging at 11pm (I’m starting to think I have a problem). I got the messes mostly under control, but I can tell you I haven’t slept more that 5 hours all week. Yuck.

Part of that is my husband has been gone all week. The novelty of that wears off pretty quick. It seems like “no one is home, I can relax. I don’t have to cook for anyone, don’t have to be on any schedule”. It’s nice for like a day, maybe 2 if things are crazy. But I’ve had enough. I already have had almost NO time alone with the hubby for like a month. This definitely isn’t helping.

It was so weird and such a crazy time warp, that I didn’t believe it was Friday afternoon today. I had to check the calendar like 10 times, I kept thinking I was forgetting something and thought for sure I was making some kind of serious mistake. I guess it’s just summer.

When the weather doesn’t suck and there’s options on things to do, the time just disappears. It’s like the world says “you could go do something, but ZAP I just made 2 hours disappear”.

I want to go fishing with my hubby this weekend, and I hope he’s not stupid tired. If so I’ll settle for a fire. And maybe a margarita.






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