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Too Darn Hot

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Busy busy busy. That’s all I can say. The middle child had started a horrible regiment of cheerleading, and all there is to do now is drive people places. The other 2 have orchestra practice 3 nights a week and she has cheerleading 5 nights a week. So different people are driven to different places from 5-730 each night during the week. Awesome.
In the meantime, I can’t figure out exactly what my problem is but I’m exhausted and have a constant headache that likes to turn into a migraine. It happens. I might either be sick or re-sick from a few weeks ago. Or my mommy-itis is acting up from this nutty schedule. You never can tell.
Yesterday it was about five thousand degrees outside, the children were all melting and my mommy-itis was in overdrive. I felt awful. I wanted to just make dinner and lay down. My husband very much wanted to help me by forcing me to go out and eat somewhere. Since the children were all melting, they all wanted to go somewhere different and said they would refuse to eat anywhere else. This mutiny is precisely what I wanted to avoid in the first place. I insisted that I make dinner, but he really wanted me to not cook. So we went out and a wave of meltdown of immense proportion ensued. It was like our own little Chernobyl. One child wouldn’t order, one child wouldn’t eat, I couldn’t really see (migraine) and the other child said she didn’t think she liked anything on the menu. We were at Jimmy John’s, people. Sandwiches. Things they eat like all the time were suddenly complicated.
This is apparently what happens to a child’s brain at five thousand degrees. And there is no air conditioning in my car with leather seats. Mmmmm. So we all ride home in sweaty silence and everyone went in different directions at the house.
The scheduling this summer has been grueling and it’s starting to take a toll on all of us. I was so excited for the things we are doing different in the house this year, but the things going on outside the house are sure to kill me.
We have a few days without kids and crazy schedules, so here’s to recovery.  😉


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