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Empty nest-ish

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Youngest child working hard setting up new camp gear

It seems like we haven’t had the kids in forever. We had them last Wednesday, and they have been at their mom’s house since. It was probably for the better last week, since last week was a total nuthouse.
We got them for a bit on Sunday, and they had an extra special case of Sunday-itis. They had been working and unpacking and bouncing off of each other at their mom’s house and came to us extraordinarily pent up with energy and frustration. It was a lot to take in at once. It was like a wave of crazy rolled over us. It was all over pretty quickly; they had to go back to mom’s after church.
They have been there since. I have been crazy busy, even without them here. Our dryer puked out and had to be replaced (MOUNTAINS of laundry, people), needed to get a new phone (so I can actually have a phone conversation) and some other assorted garbage. I got to go to the gym, have a fire with my brother (and this time the dog didn’t try to kill him) and get a little sleep.
Yesterday was nonstop till about 11pm, so that sucked the weekend right out of me, and today was only about 2 hours shorter.
I have a lot to cram into the week and I’m getting a lot done, but it does feel strange for there to be no kids in the house for so long. It’s like a taste of empty-nest syndrome. But that will all be relieved when we go for a long camping trip this weekend. I can’t wait.
But right now, I’m gonna go collapse.


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