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Look mom! No ceiling (or floor)

For the past few months, Mondays have hit with full hurricane force. I struggle to keep up and hang on. After its all over, I wonder “what the heck just happened!”
Things might be taking a turn. This Monday has been set on painfully slow. On a day after a weekend that I have just spent trying as hard as I possibly could to completely beat the tar put off myself, this day is as slow as time in the dentist chair. I can just hear the drilling now…
My bedroom has always had all the class and high style of a cubicle in the 80’s. It was beige with burgundy carpet, old school soundproofing tile and florescent lights. So romantic and relaxing. I’ve been dying to fix that room since I moved in. The process began on Friday, by emptying the room except for the bed and tearing out the ceiling.
Saturday it was decided that the floor would go too, so then we yanked the bed, threw out the carpet and started painting. Yesterday was new lights, finishing painting and the ceiling. Today is hopefully the floor.
Last Thursday, my husband came home from a trip and decided he had forgotten how to sleep in a bed with someone else. I slept on the couch Thursday and Friday, then on an air mattress Saturday and last night. Air mattresses are really cool when you’re camping, but I can’t stress enough how much they suck in a house.
I’m dying, people! I need a bed. The fact that I have all of this physical labor to do with less and less sleep every day is just adding to the amusement. I don’t think I could be crankier if I just aged 15 years everyday. But I might be doing that. It sure feels that way now.
The kids are coming home today after having missed this entire project. Usually, when we have kids and home projects, things get exponentially complicated. I’m just hoping my urgent need for a real sleeping area trumps our usual baboonery.
I need a bed, people. I need it today. It might get ugly.


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