A note to stepmoms everywhere

I’m sorry summer, it’s over. And it was you.

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Some mixed berry jam, also a product of the fall.

I am so ready for fall. I’m ready for the weather to change, because honestly, it’s not going to change that much anyway. It’s been a kind of crappy summer, lets be real here. It rained for the entire month of June and half of July, and we had about 5 80 degree days. Woo.

Whatever. This summer has been a hassle, and I’m ready to be done. I had to really work to squeeze in vacations and time with my hubby. There was no relaxing. Between scheduling around weather, people being sick, kids events and suprise schedule changes, it’s been every bit as relaxing as the holidays with out the cheer or payoff of an awesome dinner.

I’m ready for colorful leaves, sweaters, cooler days, apples and all things about apples. I’m ready to make apple butter and apple pie jam. I had to take a break for a few months because I mildly went insane. Just mildly (completely lost my mind). But I’m ready now and want to get back to cold weather food, like pasta, homemade pizza, anything that requires me standing over the stove or turning on the oven. I’m done grilling.

I’m excited to take the kids shopping for school stuff and I’m excited for them to all get a fresh start. I think this year is going to be great, I feel really good about it. Which is nice, usually fall comes with a cloud of impending doom, but I seem to have lost that guy somewhere.

I’ve got some cool projects coming up that I’m looking forward to, also. So I’m ready. I know other people will do things like cry and stand outside and yell at the leaves as they fall (my mom stares out the window with a look like someone just died and softly groans “oh, there they go”). But not me. I’m going to drag my people to a pumkin farm and make all kinds of goodies. I’m going to have the middle child teach me how to crochet (I’m not sure how that will work, I’m sure it will be hilarious) so I can make an awesome hat for me, then a bunch to give away. I’m going to drink apple cider by the gallon and have bonfires. It will be great.

Then it will snow. And I will cry a little.


Author: Jessie Henry

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