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Friday Funk Relief

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Our strolling area

Today did so much to redeem my total garbage Thursday. I really thought all I had worked so hard for all week was slipping through my fingers right in front of me. I was pissy and upset and felt robbed. But I sucked it up and did my work (well as much as I could anyway) and kept busy. And pouted a little. I had some boo-hoo, so what.
But at 2:30 (30 minutes before I would normally go home) the printer technician showed up!!! I was so happy. He came in and was just shy of telling me I was either a liar or an idiot (some of these snooty repair guys, I swear) but he finally got it fixed. After a few hours of printing, I was free to go. I left around 6. My husband had been home from his trip a few hours, so he has some time to unwind before I came home. I can be intense sometimes (no way).
So this morning I didn’t have to go to work. It was glorious. I slept until done absurd time, like 11, then whipped up a quick breakfast and off we went.
We stopped at the zoo, then we went and just walked around downtown. It was so great. There were a few times where it got still and I was sweating sheets, but that was totally okay. I love the zoo and I love walking around nice downtown areas. And then we had some super amazing Thai food for dinner (fat kid love). It was a great day.
Now we are having a fire and just relaxing in the yard with the dog. It has been pretty close to a perfect day. I’m a very lucky girl.


Sleepy guy at the zoo


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