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Buffoonery and Bees on a Super Weird Wednesday!

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Seriously, just random

Seriously, just random

I was having a pretty intense week until today. Then my brain slipped out my ear somewhere and I’m not entirely sure where I lost it. Today started off pretty good. I mean, waking up in the morning has been like coming out of a coma all week. I turn off my alarm, hit the snooze on my husband’s like 20 times (I used to get up and wake him up, not sure what the deal is). I’m super groggy and confused, I can’t really see and I keep doing things that make no sense. Like turning the alarms off because I think Tuesday is Saturday. I’m chalking this all up to general sleep deprivation.

But morning buffoonery aside, oh, and the fact that I have been running late like every day for the last 2 weeks to work (mornings are rough lately, man) today went…well, weird.

I got to work and immediately got phone calls and emails from frantic people frantically looking for me to frantically finish a job I offered to help them with. It was already done, I just made the changes and was done with the panic attack in like 10 minutes. Then the pastor (I work in a church, if you are new here) comes in and says “wow, I just killed 4 bees in the choir room”. Which – off topic – reminds me that my favorite restaurant in Montana is 4-B’s. Anyway, he was totally oblivious to the idea that if there were that many bees in the room, that they were living in the wall. Duh. I thought he grew up on a farm.

So after we found out where the infestation came from, and told the custodian so he could do something about it, I tried to go back to work. People were in and out of my office, and the phone rang a few times, then I totally just dorked out for a while (I’ve been way off track like all day). I got some work done, but I really hit a wall. I just could have curled up under my desk and called it a day.

Then I get a call from the kids. That is horribly suspect, they text me regularly, but never call. Middle child was mowing the lawn and got stung by a bee. I give instructions to make a baking soda paste and give her Benadryl. Bees again, what the heck?

I get home and middle is knocked out from Benadryl, and I am talking to the oldest and youngest in the kitchen. I must look tired because they say “we should just have chicken nuggets for dinner, there’s a lot going on tonight, and you did a lot yesterday, you should go lay down”. I’m not sure if I looked awful or if my husband said something to them. I was taken aback, but wasn’t going to say no. They made themselves chicken nuggets and fries. It was so weird. Then the oldest came down and hung out with me for a while. She told me she almost cried at my wedding because she was so happy that I was going to be her mom. Oh *tear*! So cute!

So that’s it; bees, buffoonery and the twilight zone with creepily nice children. I’m still not sure what they were up to, but I don’t want to know. That’s always where the creepy part of the show happens.

Tomorrow is Thursday! That’s an accomplishment!


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