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A little light storm to start off right.

I was a little poopy this morning about the dog, so the thunderstorm was nice. I’ve always liked a good storm. Not like the “run for the basement, there goes the deck” kind of storm, but just a good rain and some thunder. It made me feel a little better. Besides, I was so emotional this morning, a nice sunny day probably would have just made me mad. It happens.
I had a day that was like running in water. It took a lot of effort and didn’t seem like I got much done. Then I caught all the mistakes I made. Sweet. Good thing I printed 200 copies off before I saw all those emails. Lame.
I stayed at work for 2 hours longer to make up for having left early yesterday to deal with the mess. My brains really unravelled towards the end. I feel like I have no stamina at this job, like after 6 hours I am just done for, but there’s no “idiot work”. No massive amount of filing, putting things away, cleaning, stocking, anything like that. It’s all document creation, design, customer service and attention to detail. So after 6 hours, I can’t handle any more.
So after 8 hours, I wanted to go to bed, especially having an emotional hangover (crying at night always makes you feel horrible in the morning).
I get home, brains dripping out my ears, ready for bed, completely done with the week, and I just walk in my house and the kids are asking me to take them somewhere.
Now my husband had a half day, and he took the kids to get supplies, and had also mentioned some clothes type things they had bought also. Well, they just got socks and underwear. He had suggested the buying clothes was more my territory.
One child asked, then another. I can’t express how much I didn’t want to go, but it was less completely irritating than the alternative. Anyone with kids knows that alternative; there’s alternating between sulking and asking again, then after the third or fourth time, there’s the ” why”, which is usually pronounced “whhhhyyeeeeeee?” and may be accompanied by a foot stomp. Then there’s an angry dinner, because the tiff over the trip to the store has lasted through the entire meal prep, and now no one will be happy.
So I threw a tantrum and grudgingly took children to the store full of jerks who didn’t know how to share an aisle or let kids look at clothes. Gah.
So I self medicated and bought myself a few things. Whatever. This week sucked.
The youngest picked out like half of the store to try on, and putting on a sock is a part-time job for her, so we were there a while. We still have 2 more stores to go to. Which is great because I was worried I might have too much time on my Saturday.
See what I mean? Sunshine would have just been the wrong way to start off today.


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