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Best Plague Ever!!

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Knocked out!

Oh it’s a wonderful day, people. Yesterday I went to bed with a serious concern that I may have been infiltrated by some germ type beings. But I was hoping it was just really bad allergies. But today I woke up, throat on fire, ears throbbing, ice pick between the eyes, and I knew it wasn’t allergies. And the husband left at 4 this morning for a business trip. And I have the kids.
So I pulled my happy butt out of bed this morning, body creaking and groaning like the tin man from The Wizard of Oz. I stumbled upstairs and told the oldest I would drive her to the bus stop because it was raining. Took the other 2 to school when I got back then slithered into Walgreens to load up on zinc and cold medicine.
It’s been an exciting day. I’ve been in a coma for most of it. But the good news is, I will be better by tomorrow, and I bought chicken nuggets so the kids can make their own dinner. Pretty awesome. And they were amped for some nuggets. So weird.
I will be having a birthday very soon, and not only do I seriously not care, I seriously hope no one else does either. I hate birthdays. Not because I’m getting older, I don’t care about that, no age can make me mature. Because everyone makes a big deal out of it and it always goes wrong. I don’t like the whole thing, I don’t even like people to acknowledge it. Yeah, I’m weird, tell me something new.
But I am pretty excited about my job interview on Friday. I’m really looking forward to being able to breathe again. And maybe not donating plasma. That sounds rough.


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