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Boo-Hoo Space-Out

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I’m overtired and having one of those selfish days. One of those days where I wish I had a nice date with my husband to look forward to. One of those days where I wish I could just go out and buy a pair of NEW shoes to replace my old brown ones that I’ve destroyed.

A couple weeks ago I got a new purse and it was great. I still look at it and say “man, that’s a nice purse!”. Almost everything I buy is second hand. I don’t mind much because no one notices. And I don’t feel guilty at the register.

I always wanted to think I was low maintenance. I always wanted to say I could do without. But after a while, one day you just wish you could do something. A nice date night, a shopping trip for yourself. Anything.

My last job was salary pay, and it was nice. We could afford to go do a few really nice things every year, and I could make a couple “new” shopping trips a year. But that’s not quite the case anymore. I miss it. I guess I’m more high maintenance than I thought.

That’s one of the biggest reasons I am looking forward to my new job. I’m imagining going shopping for something for me and going out to a nice, quiet dinner with my husband. Or to the movies. Or anywhere. We got to go to the zoo a few weeks back, and that was fantastic, but I don’t think a date is in the budget any time soon.

So I guess I’ll put my little boo-hoo lip away and go take a nap. Then I’ll try to make something nice for dinner with the chicken in the fridge. I start training for my new job soon, so relief should be on the way. I will keep daydreaming until then. I’m really good at it!


Author: Jessie Henry

Reinventing my life and enjoying my adventure. Living life as full as I like with no apologies, loving all of it.

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