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Dragged Along for a Monday

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courtesy  This was my day. I actually got to work this way.

courtesy This was my day. I actually got to work this way.

Today was a Monday of epic proportions. It was a complete mess right from the beginning. Just a huge, tanking mess of a day. It started off with a leftover still steaming pile from last week.

I got to work and rushed all morning to get something done that everyone else dragged their feet on until Friday afternoon. I busted my butt and did what the council wanted, only to have some one run in, lean over my desk and tell me it was WRONG WRONG WRONG!!  Too late, I’ve already stamped and addressed about 750 envelopes. Great.

The whole day was just a turd sandwich from then on. There were so many things rolling downhill at me that I decided I would just pick the most remedial task and drag that out for the rest of the day. Totally frazzled.

Leave work, run around to pick up kids, go to store, rush home and rush dinner. I got to lay down for a few minutes, then eat dinner, then off to a board meeting for volunteer work.

I was super excited for the meeting, I had put together some things I was excited to present. I mentioned them several times during the meeting and was put off, then a guest who was invited took the floor and gave a speech that made all my hard work look like dog puke.


Then they hurried up and closed the meeting and totally skipped my presentation. Rad.

So, on days like this, where they are somewhere between a compound hemorrhoid and a double root canal, I like for them to be over. So I bid you good day!


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