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Big Finish to My Tuesday Crapdance

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There was just about NOTHING I could do today without an interruption. Not like a necessary interruption, like “hey, can you help me? My fingers are caught in the paper shredder” things like “Oh, I know you’re busy trying to finish the newsletter and eat your lunch at the same time, but I need you to stop and make a copy of this recipe for me.” Not an exaggeration there. That happened.

I felt like perhaps I’m anemic for most of the day. Just working was like running in chest deep water, then people kept asking me crazy things. I had people come in and ask me to finish projects for them right now. I would face them, eyes glued on the computer and just say “yeah, that’s not my priority today”. I’m not sure how they responded, I didn’t pay attention.

Finished the newsletter and RAN out to my car for a rousing round of “Let’s Drive the Children!” Picked everyone up and was just completely blessed by the news that the middle child didn’t have to go to cheer practice. Hallelujia!!  Caught a break today.

So, after a nice dinner (I made it, we didn’t go out) and a mild meltdown over our personal financial crisis, I’m calling it a day. I’m not doing anything for anyone else for the rest of the day. I’m done.

One little tiny thing that was nice; the middle and youngest were sparring. They were having their battle of petty annoyances before dinner, as usual. During dinner, they both had gotten up for seconds, and the youngest saw the middle child in the kitchen and asked if she was looking for the last of the dinner rolls, and offered hers up. She said “I saw you looking around in there and thought you might want it”. Which may be small, but it showed she was both paying attention and being considerate (they will fight to the death over bread).

The greatest statements of who we are as people sometimes are stated in the smallest of our actions.


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