A note to stepmoms everywhere

This Little Gremlin Party is Turning Into a Monster’s Ball



You know, from time to time, I have slightly insane dreams (no way, not me! I’m so normal). I will have a few really vivid, nutty dreams in a row. This week I had a dream that I had my own gremlin. Not like a pet, like a creepy little guy that caused all kinds of problems for me. I haven’t seen him in waking life yet, but it seems like it’s come true.

I was super excited for Friday, but it rolled over me like a train. Crazy busy, everything that could go wrong did. My phone got shut off, and that was a little inconvenient. Especially considering I start my 2nd job on Tuesday. Not cool.

After lots of surprise visitors and getting out of work late (and lots of little surprise problems), I pick up the only child I needed to get and go home. I start rushing to get dinner done so I can take the middle child to cheer. She tells me “oh, I told you I don’t have practice today, right?” I was excited to catch a break. I was really done with the week. I didn’t want to do anything.

Then they told me they needed to go to the store. It made me a little sad.

Even thought I couldn’t get texts with my service shut off, my phone would send me a message telling me I couldn’t get a text each time someone sent a message. My phone was blowing up, so I got the distinct feeling something stupid was happening. And by stupid, I mean seriously unpleasant.

Today, I posted on Facebook that my phone was shut off, and got a message from my sister in law that my stepdad was in the hospital. There’s that gremlin again. So I used my husband’s phone to text my mom and find out he’s had another (yes, another) heart-attack, and they checked in yesterday. When my phone was shut off. Did I call it or what?

So, money is tight, middle child has a game not far from the hospital, but I have to figure out how to get us all where we need to go with no money and 2 cars with no gas. I had a moment.

Today sucked a little. I’m wiped out. This gremlin is really messing things up. He can go away now.


Author: Jessie Henry

Reinventing my life and enjoying my adventure. Living life as full as I like with no apologies, loving all of it.

5 thoughts on “This Little Gremlin Party is Turning Into a Monster’s Ball

  1. Release the gremlin!!!!! Let him go!!! You’ve got this!!!! I wish I had a magic wand to calm things down… Hang in there sweetie!!!


  2. Thank you Penelope! You’re always a good cheerleader. I wish you had that magic wand too!


  3. You are very welcome!! I’m rooting for you! I know this isn’t an easy road but you’ve got a lot of love and a great family!


  4. There has been a lot of big ugly things closing in, and more ugly things are popping up. It’s been wearing on me. But I know things will be getting better soon, and that helps. I appreciate you rooting for me! I need it!


  5. I love your spunk! I hate when big ugly things crop up and I hate even worse when it seems to PILE on unmercifully… Never good :(. But remember it’s always darkest before the light!! Things WILL get better and that which doesn’t kill you will make you stronger! (And sometimes we wanna scream,, “God!! I’m STRONG enough! Thanks!!!”). You will make it through this and the good will all be worth it!! 👍😹😂

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