A note to stepmoms everywhere

Friday “Pre-Game” Celebration

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YAY! I made it!!!  So super! I’ve got like an hour and 19 minutes left at work (but who’s counting?) so I’m blogging now because I’m not sure I’ll make time for it this weekend. I will be having an inexpensive date or two this weekend with my fantastical husband. And he said we could go for a ride out to the middle of nowhere (or maybe somewhere, I haven’t decided yet) to look at the fall colors. So excited. And somewhere in there, I will FINALLY use the paraffin wax hand thingie I bought like 2 months ago (seriously still in the box, so sad).

I’m a master of at-home spa days. So I think I will master a short one this weekend. I don’t want to do anything I don’t need to do, so I made sure I busted my butt last night to get a few extra things done. If I don’t have to think, I’m not going to. Except to maybe play Lego Star Wars or something (yeah, I said that).

I’m not totally off the hook yet. I still have a few little ends to tie up here before I go running off to my doctor who is like 50 miles away (no exaggeration here). I hate doctors, it’s complicated.

I talk about my stepkids (I almost just wrote “kids”) a lot. I’m always driving them somewhere, helping them plan something, having horribly terrifying talks with them with a calm expression, you get the idea. I was talking about them to someone I work with, and she said “you do all that? And they aren’t your kids? He must really be something.” People say that all the time, and it’s true, he is. I’m very proud of him and my heart aches for any time I can possibly squeeze out of him.

I mean, if he wasn’t worth it, I would having nothing to write about!


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