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It’s A Monday Victory

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Well today I got a bit of a surprise. I was at work, having a normal Monday, you know, like a hurricane. I was just doing my best to keep up and hang on, and felt I was actually doing pretty good. Which is pretty impressive, normally I have to go in the bathroom and sort of talk myself off the ledge halfway through the day so I can remind myself it’s just Monday. I’m sure lots of people can relate.
About halfway through my day, I got a phone call from my second job, which I just started training for last week. They asked if I could work an overnight shift on Saturday night. I said YES I CAN! Then I found out we have the kids that weekend and my husband is out of town. Oops. So we had to work that out.
Then they call back an hour later and say they need someone tonight, also. I’m a bit nervous, but I generally do pretty well when thrown into the deep end, so I went for it.
So here I am, hanging out with a sweet little old man. He’s asleep now (I’m not blogging while he’s trying to talk to me or anything super jerkish like that).
Everyone keeps asking if I can do this. They think I week be super run down and that I’m not going to sleep at all. I guess the only person that knows I can’t sleep to save my life is my husband. I get to sleep around midnight and wake up a few times, then get up at 6 and have a day. Don’t think there will be much difference.
I get my non existent sleep cycle from my mom. Rampant insomnia on that side of the family. So this job seems right up my alley.
But so far it’s nice. I’ve got a jam-packed week, so we will see if I still have this same sentiment in a few days, but it looks good so far.
I’m pretty stoked. And I get to watch Mystery Diagnosis, so that’s awesome.


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