A note to stepmoms everywhere

I’m Closing My Eyes, Tell Me When It’s Over.


courtesy   Yeah, I'm feeling a little like Patrick today.

courtesy Yeah, I’m feeling a little like Patrick today.

This morning, I had a few minutes (those little things are so slippery, they just get away so fast!) and I sat down and stared at my fish. I really wanted to stare at them until they told me I was starting to freak them out a little, then go back to bed. But that wasn’t an option. I don’t have a whole lot of motivation, and that may prove to be a problem the next few days. I’m super NOT amped.

I got to hang out with a friend a little last night and will get to hang out with another friend today. They are nice little welcome breaks. Especially when I consider that I will have more days like my Tuesday from now on. Ugh.

So from Monday into Tuesday, (7pm-7am) I spent the night with a little old man who had to pee every hour. Every. Single. Hour. So after pulling an all-nighter with the human waterfall (seriously, poor guy, who could do that every night!) I ran home, put dinner in the crock pot, changed, makeup, then ran off to do more training. Then I went to my normal job at the church.

Then I went home and was in a coma for like 12 hours. I even shut my alarm off yesterday morning and went back to sleep.

There have been some concerns about how I will keep this up. What if I get sick? What if I get worn out? What if it doesn’t work?

I feel like none of those things are an option. This is how it is. I better figure it out. End of story. But I will say, this coming weekend is going to be a certain suckiness of epic proportions.

I will be working from 7pm-7am on Saturday night with a woman who will REALLY not want me there. I will have the kids by myself and the middle child has to go to a game for cheerleading. I also have some more training Friday night. So I have to figure out how to handle the kids, an overnighter, and drive everyone to wherever. Disgusting.

I feel like I’m getting to the top of the huge hill on the rollercoaster. Everyone is all excited and telling me to put my hands up, this will be great, but I’m half excited and half terrified and am wondering if I’m going to load my pants on the way down the hill.

Hands up! Here we go!


Author: Jessie Henry

Reinventing my life and enjoying my adventure. Living life as full as I like with no apologies, loving all of it.

2 thoughts on “I’m Closing My Eyes, Tell Me When It’s Over.

  1. I think we need to add a few more hours to the day!! You can do it!! 😉 hang
    In there!! Friend time is precious! Enjoy!!!

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  2. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to Monday, and that in itself is disturbing!!!


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