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You Take Your TGIF. And You Keep It.

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Grumpy Cat Saying No


Yay. It’s Friday. I’m so enthused. I can hardly stand it. Just so you know, that was sarcasm font. I don’t feel like it’s Friday, except for it is deathly slow at work today. Which I don’t mind, I don’t like the days that are just nutso until you leave. It makes my brains leak out of my ears.

My husband left at about 4am. I hate that. I came home late last night and he was snoring away. I had a great time at a good friend’s house, and I needed it. But I miss my husband, and now I won’t see him until he scares the bejeepers out of me trying to sneak in at around 1am Monday morning. Blah.

I am really trying to gear up and reinforce myself for the weekend insanity that’s about to ensue. I go and work for an hour or so tonight after dinner, then I have to make sure I get 2 days worth of sleep. All of this while playing single mom, which seems to multiply the workload by 3 instead of 2. I don’t get it. Parenting math never adds up. Then I found out the middle child has her game on Sunday, which is good because I can drive her then, even if I have pulled an all-nighter. The bad news is, it’s about an hour and a half away. COFFEEEEE. Lots of coffee. Do they sell coffee injections? I might need to look into that.

Yesterday I sort of freaked out (totally lost my mind) and decided I’m not helping people anymore. I came down with an acute case of NO! I’m not sure how long this NO will last or who it will fully apply to, but it seems to automatically flare up when anyone who doesn’t live in my house wants me to do something. I got a little upset about the amount of things I need to do this weekend and how that compares to the amount that anyone gives a rip.

It’s moderately disproportionate.

So I am bracing myself for the weekend storm, and simultaneously throwing a small tantrum. So we will see who I end up offending this weekend. It should be amusing.

Stay tuned…


Author: Jessie Henry

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