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My Weekend Is Laughing At Me.

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So the diabolical weekend I’ve been dreading is over. And now I have something new to dread; the recovery. I’m beat to a pulp, despite the fact I have had 2 naps today. And a nap yesterday.
Yesterday I made dinner, ran the kids over to my dad’s, fed my in-law’s cats (had a child run in, I’m horribly allergic) then I was off to spend an exciting 12 hour shift doing my best to help an elderly woman. She had a much more advanced case of dementia than I was prepared for, and it was a rough night. I was able to coax her to sleep for several hours, but I’m terrified of my ability to keep this up. I feel ill equipped to battle the demons of mental illness “in my spare time”. I guess all I can really do is hang in there and see how it goes.
But just in case all of that wasn’t enough, I had bribed the kids with chocolate chip pancakes to help my weekend go more smoothly, so I got to make those fresh off my shift. I squeezed in a nap and then I did something slightly insane that I will probably never do again. The middle child needed a ride to a game (she’s a cheerleader) and so did some of her friends. So I drove 4 cheerleaders to their game, AN HOUR AND A HALF AWAY!!! Yes, I spent 3 hours, 3 HOURS in a car with 4 cheerleaders today. I have some sort of weird “girl funk” in my car that I’m sure smells like teen spirit (like what I did there).
I got through with my spirited ride into insanity and still had to give more car rides and feed everyone dinner.
I wrung it all out of me and I’m emptied and exhausted. I really don’t want to do any of this again. It was all just a bit too much, especially after 24 hours running on a handful of naps.
Tonight my husband will come home, and the kids will go to their mom’s for the week. Which is just in time.
I totally am getting stomped on by this single-mom gig. At least it’s only freelance.


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