A note to stepmoms everywhere

Big Mugs and Middle Kids

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This is my giant overnight mug.

Well, here it is, Friday night. You know, when you work an overnighter on Saturday, Friday isn’t such a big deal anymore. I will get to sleep in tomorrow, so that’s pretty awesome. But I’ve never slept much on Saturday anyway, so I’m not missing out on much.
So I got a text today from the oldest child. The middle child has made a very smart and responsible decision about a boy. I said I was proud of her. She’s really got a good head on her shoulders.
When she was younger, she didn’t always appreciate me so much. She really liked watching TV and not doing very much. She felt laziness was an endearing trait. She thought I was just being mean. But then I had some chances to show her I was interested in her and the person she was becoming, and her attitude towards me changed.
I was very worried about her future. I was worried about how responsible she would be, how she could make intelligent decisions. It seemed like if you talked about something she didn’t agree with, she would just cry to avoid the conversation. I prayed about her future.
When she wanted to get into cheerleading, she became focused. She made sacrifices, she led other girls. She developed goals. She started to grow up and really be able to have important conversations, and realized I cared about her.
And now she was able to take an emotional situation about a boy, and make an intelligent decision. I know that she is a teenager, I will always need to pay close attention. But now, I feel like I don’t need to worry. In that moment, I felt like “oh, she is really going to be okay.”
So now to the youngest child. She is quickly approaching the pre-teen trust window, so we have to start working on that.
So tomorrow, I will drink my giant football mug of coffee, and get into a groove in my complicated new job. I have to step up for these people. I’m told they’re my family.
It will all work out. Change is always uncomfortable at first, but if you can talk yourself through the initial chafing, you’ll be all callused up in no time.
Hey, it works for shoes.


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