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No, It’s Monday, Just Go With It.

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Today was a fantastic delve back into normal insanity. Everyone at work was crabby and generally unpleasant, and that always makes a Monday go a little more smoothly. So when 3:00, I ran out of the building like it was on fire.

I did my rounds picking up kids, and came home and made some chicken and dumpling soup (a little more of a labor intensive meal than I would have preferred). The kids stayed in the kitchen with me, for the most part. The youngest would come in and bounce a ball off the other 2, get them mad and almost throw her ball in the soup, then get in trouble and walk out. Then come back in to be mean to her sisters, then get in trouble and walk back out. The other 2 asked why she’s always like that and I said “she’s got a very serious case of little sister. That’s just how it is”. She was insulting everyone’s fashion sense, although she will wear blue leopard leggings with a green tutu and brown fluffy vest, or a furry hot pink vest with matching hot pink leggings. She sort of dresses like a muppet. I let her dress how she wants, but I don’t let her tell anyone else they don’t know how to dress. The only person I know who’s more fashion challenged than her is my dad, and he’s colorblind (valid excuse).

I would like to start making a habit of stopping her in the middle of being rude to her sisters and making her say or write something nice about herself, since that is really the issue here.

The oldest went to run all my errands with me, and since I was forgetting about every other word in my vocabulary, that proved to be very helpful. Sometimes, a conversation with me is more like a really intense game of scherades.

I made a list, checked it twice, and went to 3 different stores. And you know what? I still forgot something. Gah.

Anyway, all told, even with the crazy, cranky day and the long ridiculous day I’m about to have tomorrow, I still feel good about it. I’m just gonna go with it. Don’t have a lot of options there.


Author: Jessie Henry

Reinventing my life and enjoying my adventure. Living life as full as I like with no apologies, loving all of it.

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