A note to stepmoms everywhere

The Confusion Is Yours!

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I’m so loopy today, that if someone asked if I was on drugs, I would not take offense. It took everything I had to not slur like a drunk all day. I got no sleep people. I wish I were exaggerating, but literally NO SLEEP. LIKE AT ALL. Gross. It was a rough night at the new job.

I got to see the sunrise on my way home today, then I got home and had the fat girl fight with my clothes. I seriously just wish it was permanently sweater time. I’ve got a lot more things I can hide in.

I threw myself together and slithered off to my other job. I get there and my brains are just like crumbling out of my ears. I’m trying to keep it together and hold coherent conversations with people. And for some reason, today, everyone wants to talk to me. Awesome. I wish I was popular when I could have an entire thought at a time.

Then Pastor has a serious ADD attack, which was made even better by the fact that he’s at a conference of some kind. Some pastor secret society stuff. I don’t know. But he’s coming up with this grand, deluded image of these wonderful documents he wants me to pull out of thin air. He’s trying to describe them to me, but since I don’t know ANYTHING about confirmation, I just sat on the phone with a horribly confused look on my face. At least someone was there to laugh at it. I hung up the phone just completely befuddled and stared at it in horror for a second, then turned to see an associate pastor red with her face in her hands, eyes peeking at me. She was quietly chuckling so hard I think she was crying. Confusion is always amusing for someone.

Just normally not you.

So now I’m off to finish the blur that I think is Wednesday.


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