A note to stepmoms everywhere

The Deep Seeded Joy of a Mysterious Mess

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There are some joys that only those living in the land of Mommydom can appreciate.
While I do not have my own children, there do happen to be 3 little people who live in my house. These little people live by entirely different rules and codes of ethics than us normal, full grown types. And by that I just mean those of us who have ceased growing upward.
Nothing helps you to glimpse into the reality of these littletons than by cleaning up after them. It always inspires the deepest questions into the meaning of life. Like “when did that stain get there?” And “why is there taco cheese sprinkled all over the floor?” Sometimes you have deep, contemplative thoughts about the mysterious brown substance smushed into the floor, or why there is frosting on the couch.
The land of Mommydom is full of people who are completely unaware of their effect on you. They have no idea the amount of work they’re every waking moment creates for you. They don’t understand that asking for a ride means you need to leave the house on the middle of doing 15 things. They will get glimpses into your life and all the things you do, and you will cherish those moments, but they will not feel the weight of your day.
They’re not supposed to. They’re little people, they can’t hold that weight. They’re not done growing into the world-changers they will undoubtedly be.
Tomorrow, there will be a front row seat for you as they put life on their broad shoulders and carry it forward. It will be amazing.
Today, you pick up the mystery cheese confetti.


Author: Jessie Henry

Reinventing my life and enjoying my adventure. Living life as full as I like with no apologies, loving all of it.

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