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I Took a Day Off to Catch Up On Work.

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This year, I have been taken out of the holiday hosting circuit. Now I don’t know that there will be Christmas at my house, but Thanksgiving is off my plate. Ha, pun.

The youngest child’s birthday is in the beginning of December, smack between the two holidays. Normally, I’m just getting a little frayed around the edges at this time. I always want to do something more than dinner and cake with family for her, but just can’t pull it off.

Plus, birthdays are kind of a foreign concept for me, so I have a hard time remembering the importance of it to someone else. I know, it sounds mean. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it.

So we are planning a rock climbing wall party for her this year. I’ve been asking her all week to come up with a list of people she would like to invite. For most people, a list of friends comes easily, right of the top of their head. It has taken her all week to come up with a list of people. I’m pretty sure it will change several times before we get to the actual party. There’s almost nothing she likes more than two days in a row. But that’s not my problem. I just have to get the rest of it together.

It’s been an amusing week. The middle child and I are irritating the crap out of the youngest by only speaking to each other by yelling. The other day, those two were fighting over couch space, so I made them sit up so we all could fit. They sat there pouting, so I said “life sucks when Jessie’s here”. Then the oldest shouts “no! without you I wouldn’t have food!”

Not much of a compliment. Whatever.

Today I took a day off of work. I spent my whole day running errands and cleaning. I did get some sweaters and a pair of shoes out of the deal, and my house looks pretty great. Nice accomplishment. Now the youngest is asking when the invitations to her party will go out.

That’s an excellent question. J


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One thought on “I Took a Day Off to Catch Up On Work.

  1. I’d kill for a “no! without you I wouldn’t have food!”…… Celebrate the small victories! Sometimes those are what keep us going.

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