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This Birthday Tastes Funny

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This birthday thing for the youngest child has only been in the works for like a week. I haven’t made a payment to the place we are going, haven’t bought invitations. I haven’t nailed down the exact time. I first needed to know how many children she wanted to invite so when I went to pay I could figure or how much time we needed, thereby solidifying the time of the day for the party.
Before I even knew how many people she was going to invite, she’s on the phone with her friend and says “my friend wants to know when the invitations are going out”. I shrug and say, ” OK.” She stares at me and I respond “I don’t know. I don’t even know how many people you’re inviting”. She starts to walk away, then whips around and says “when will you know?” Facepalm.
Today; “what time will the party be?” Me: “I dunno, did you finish your guest list?” Silence. “Uuummm, yeah”.
There’s a mass of scribbles on a sheet, some of them have question marks next to them. Facepalm.
Me: ” I just need to know how many kids you want to invite”. She tells me she thinks nine, but she’s not sure, and then she put herself and her sisters on the list. “Do we count?”.
I just need to know who she wants to invite, not to get a complete head count of all friends and family to attend. It seems like normal kids do this all the time.
She doesn’t know what she wants for presents. She’s not sure what she likes. She’s not sure who she wants to go to this party. She is the hardest part of planning a party for her.
When she gets married, I’m moving away.


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