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Time Flying By (It’s Amazing and Scary)

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giphy[6]I’ve been wondering where all of my time goes. It should be pretty straight forward, but I keep forgetting. People have reached out to me, and a few people have asked me things and I have dropped the ball. Not to mention the fact that I am very grateful to not be hosting the holidays because I would be COMPLETELY unprepared. I’ve adopted a serious attitude of “What? Oh, whatever”. Like I have no clue what’s going on and then when I figure it out, it just doesn’t mean a whole lot to me.

Now I don’t mean I’m like that about everything. To tell you the truth, I spent my Saturday trying to get all my people all organized at 2 different craft fairs (at the same time) so the oldest child could raise money for a mission trip. My whole weekend was either in a church or sitting and talking to kids. Or both.

I didn’t do much last week. I accomplished a few things, but somehow, it seems when the kids are home, my time is not my time anymore. I would like for it to be. I tell myself it will be. But then they start talking to me and I just get stuck there in a conversation and then somehow it’s time to go to bed.

I don’t want to push them away. I would like a little downtime, a little quiet time. But I never make it there. They all need to talk, and it’s like they aren’t sure who to talk to.

So I guess I’m it.

And that is how I have dropped the ball for everything else. It will be time to go to bed and I think “hey, I didn’t get anything done!” I’m trying to do more things and get more tasks accomplished. I have a hard time with balancing things. I’m never sure exactly what should be a priority. I mean, they have 2 parents, so for a long time I just thought I was supposed to be the maid and not cause trouble. But I’ve seen a need, and have decided to try to step in.

The issue with taking on a new need is trying to balance it out, deciding the actual priority it should take. I’m starting to feel like I’ve done that “children before marriage” thing I’m always being warned about.

The kids are happy, the house isn’t a complete mess. But now I need to have a little hubby time. It’s gonna be a tight squeeze, but I better fit it in. I married him, not the kids.

That’s hard to remember sometimes.


Author: Jessie Henry

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