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Gettin Amped and Schooled

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Tomorrow is the youngest child’s official birthday. Every year, I make her a ham on her birthday. She loves ham, she has never been able to eat it with a fork, so one of her nicknames is “hammy hands”. But I always make her a ham, mashed potatoes and corn for her birthday. So we ran out and got a ham, got her some cupcakes to take to school. We got stuff for her goodie bags for the kids at the party. We got all the decorations for the party, and some bonus cookies just because. She was pretty excited, this is the biggest thing we’ve done for her birthday in a long time. She thanked me about 20 times. And she was totally¬†amped to get all of her stuff from the dollar store (awesome). I’m really glad we can do this, she does get shafted for her birthday most years, so we have a bit to make up for.

We came home and the middle child is watching Schindler’s List to help prepare for a report. Now, this is something I’ve wanted them to watch for a while now, it’s a good movie and it’s an important part of history. I want them to really understand it. I’ve never been very cool with them witnessing sex scenes (I know they are in 8th grade and high school, I saw all kinds of stuff by that age) but something funny happened.

The sex scene came on while she was playing a trivia game. It was short, maybe a minute, so she and the oldest looked away from the tv and to the trivia games on their phones. It just happened that the trivia question at that moment was about 50 Shades of Grey. We all giggled.

I’m glad they’re with us this week. Things have been a little tense at their mom’s house, and when it’s like that, they come home all traumatized and sometimes crying. You have to sit them down a the door and straighten things out right off the bat.

This happens every year. From October till January, things are just, well…emotional. This happens a lot, and normally, we get dragged into it with arguments over Christmas presents. And that was why last year I decided to ask the kids if they just wanted money.

Now we don’t have to participate in the arguing, we can just focus on damage control. They’re all having a great time this week, and I’m really glad about that. They came to us early this week and very upset. But we’ve managed to make that all go away, even if it’s just this week.

Isn’t that what parenting is about, making the sad, painful, and sometimes scary things, a little smaller, and easier to handle?

I hope so. That’s about I have.


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