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Someone’s Cooking, and It Ain’t Me




Getting closer to the end of the week, and I can’t wait. I have a few things I’m pretty amped for this weekend, and this week has been like an obstacle course at work. At home I’m just trying to keep it together, keep the house from exploding into a horrible mess and get ready for this party stuff. But work has been like dodgeball.
Everything has been last second with a few surprises thrown in. I’ve barely been keeping up, and by the end of the day my brain just says “aww, no. This ain’t happenin” and stops working.
Yesterday was the ham dinner for the youngest child’s birthday. It was really good. Her grandparents came over with their puppy and we all hung out and had a good time. The food was good, and my husband went out and bought a cake and we sang happy birthday. It was cute, it always is.
I didn’t think anything of it, but man, making a ham after working all day then driving around to pick up kids is a little more serious than I thought. I’m kinda wiped out today. Which is bad for everyone because my fuse shortens quite a bit when I’m worn out. I think that’s true for almost every human, but in the land of mommydom, you’re supposed to get past those things and be super mom (or stepmom).
I decided I felt like garbage and didn’t want to cook today after my culinary masterpiece yesterday. My husband got his bonus and I had visions of a nice dinner at a sit down restaurant with the kids. It sounded so relaxing, until I tried to figure out where I wanted to go. My stomach has been sketchy at best for days now, so nothing sounded good. Then there was a tussle over what restaurant to go to, and it ended up on me somehow, the person who wasn’t even sure if they wanted food.
This happens almost every time we try to go out. Everyone argues and gets all irritated. They start listing off random places, from McDonald’s to the most expensive place in town, then my husband announces that it’s up to me where we go, and then it’s like no matter what, I’m the jerk.
I’m a total foodie and fat kid extraordinaire. I love food, and I always an craving something. If I don’t know what I want to eat, then I probably just don’t want to eat. Pretty simple to me. But it starts a fight every time and then everyone is frustrated and no one wants to go anywhere. Rad.
So my husband took the kids without me. Thank God. I’m gonna have a long shower and some toast for dinner.
Anyway, food fights aside, tomorrow we are going to a jazz Christmas concert and it’s going to be awesome. I had planned on it being a date night, but the kid want to go. We will have to have a date next week. Oh well.
Then Saturday is the much anticipated birthday event. I had a little girl call to RSVP and it was the cutest thing ever.
My stomach has been jacked, and my husband is getting sick, but I think this weekend is gonna work out. And I only have a half day at work tomorrow.
Maybe I can finally tweeze my eyebrows. ( tmi)


Author: Jessie Henry

Reinventing my life and enjoying my adventure. Living life as full as I like with no apologies, loving all of it.

2 thoughts on “Someone’s Cooking, and It Ain’t Me

  1. Good luck on having that personal time! We are overbooked, over worked and over tired in this house. I have kids upon kids because DH is working this weekend so of course it’s all on me. Sending good vibes your weekend is better 😉


  2. No plans on that anytime soon. But the kids really were diggin the jazz concert last night, which is good. Closest thing to a date night I’m gonna get till next month!! I’m hanging in there, life is pretty good!


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