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Survival of the Partyest

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Courtesy better double check myself, make sure i survived in one piece.

So we have survived partyacalypse 2014. The kids all had a great time, the girls were all giggling and screaming like happy little pigs. I’m glad it was a 2 hour event, I’m not sure I could have held out for much longer.
There is a joke in my house right now (actually many, but we will just cover this one). One day the youngest came home and said she gave a boy that she likes a candy cane. I said “is that what the kids are calling it these days”. So now, any time something inappropriate is brought up, we say ” candy cane”.
Today, our party was at the YMCA. We were walking through, and this really buff young guy walked by us. Middle child, without missing a beat, looks at him and says “candy cane”. I said ” don’t you be saying that to boys!” She said it was okay because he didn’t know what it meant, and it was okay for her to look.
When kids were showing up and getting ready to climb, they were all putting on their harnesses, and middle child struck again. She waddled up to the wall and said “this is kind of a camel toe situation”. The guy helping the kids laughed, and I said ” woah! PG! Let’s take it down a grade! ”
Facepalm moment. No filter on that one.
She looked at the ages of the girls around her and realized what the issue was, and then she chilled out.
So everyone not climbing (the adult type people I’m related to) hung out and watched and talked. It was fun. But by the time pizza, presents and cake were over, so was I. I was SO glad that was only 2 hours.
After everyone left and the whole building was closing, there was still an extra child. She had not been picked up, she had no phone and didn’t know the number of the person who was supposed to get her. She called her mom and left a message, and she and the youngest weren’t the least concerned that she had no ride and the entire place was closing. I finally remembered I had her dad’s number, so I called to rectify the situation. She was picked up a half hour after close. Awesome.
Well, I survived, and it was a success, candy canes, camel toes, forgotten children and all.
Makes me wonder what Christmas will be like.


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