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The Biweekly “I Need” Run



It’s a Saturday with the kids. That always means the same thing; “hey Jessie, I need…” Every other Saturday when we have the kids, I spend the better part of the day running around like crazy for assorted child’s needs. Almost all of which I have been informed of the night before.
This week was nice in that I had a little more of a head’s up on what the kids needed, the oldest needed bras and wanted to use a gift card. Simple enough. The youngest has a concert and needs an outfit. We’ve been talking about this for weeks. She needed an outfit from any decade between the 50’s and the 80’s. I told her to narrow it down a bit. We had this talk several times. We get to the store today, and I asked what decade she wanted to be, and she gave her answer for everything, all the time; “I don’t know”. She doesn’t know what she wants to wear, what she wants to eat, where she wants to go, what she wants to do, but you can bet all of your money, she doesn’t want whatever it is you have planned.
Anyway, I facepalm in the store, and send her off to get some jeans while I collect several decades of outfits. Gah. At the dressing room, I only have her a few things on the hopes of speeding things along, and it did. She can’t have too much to choose from, her brain will overheat and then anything can happen, and it’s never anything good. She got a multi color polka dot skirt and striped sweater, she’s from the 80’s. Because I said so.
We dropped her off and the older two and I went bra shopping. While waiting for the oldest to try her stuff on, the middle child and I sat on little chairs in the dressing room. A man and a woman came in, and the woman insisted it was fine for her husband to try his stuff on in the women’s room. Sure, why not. I’m gonna try out a urinal, I hear it doesn’t matter.
We went to a makeup store so the oldest could use her gift card, and so I could get some makeup that won’t slide off my face 5 times a day. I look around for a few minutes and had a few ideas when a pretty woman with dark hair in a lab coat approached me. She asked in a very soft and polite voice if I needed any help. I said “yes, I’m greasy and I’m old. And when I say greasy, I mean slick!” Not a smile or look of confusion or anything, she was like a guard at Buckingham palace. Without missing a best she said she had just the thing for me. I hope she really did, but I can’t help but think she was only pushing a hot product. I hope I’m wrong, it seems like I got nice stuff, I finally got grown up makeup.
I guess that means I really am old, at least I want lying.


Author: Jessie Henry

Reinventing my life and enjoying my adventure. Living life as full as I like with no apologies, loving all of it.

6 thoughts on “The Biweekly “I Need” Run

  1. OHHH!! Yay for new makeup!!! What makeup did you get??? And I’m sorry your beauty advisor was without a personality!!! 😦


  2. Maybe i scared her, I’m not sure. I wanted to get tart, but she steered me to clinique. I figured they are the same price, and if i outgrease this stuff (and i might) i can try tart next. It got a compact and cover up. It’s a lot to say about makeup, but I’m pretty amped for new stuff!!

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  3. Let me know how you like it! I worked for Clinique for years!! Good choice!! If you don’t like this one go to the Estée Lauder counter and ask for a sample of double wear!! It’s PHENOMENAL and stays on no matter what 😉

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  4. Thank you for the suggestion! I seriously need help, i am the greasiest person i know!

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  5. I may have you beat 😉 make sure EVERYTHING that you use is oil
    Free and that you don’t over strip your skin. Don’t over exfoliate it either.. That makes it worse. Also, even though it sounds counterintuitive, you should use an oil free face moisturizer… A lot of us who are super oily don’t feel like we need it, but we do. Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean that we don’t have to hydrate. A good one, and relatively inexpensive is the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing GEL. It’s oil free but will hydrate your skin and help balance out your skin’s natural oil and water levels!!


  6. I have tried everything you just said, except the gel. I might look into that. My skin was getting better, but since I’ve started this new job, it’s like I’m back to 2 years ago and the moisturizing is making things worse all of a sudden! It’s like summertime! I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Have to tough it out till payday.

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