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If You Ain’t Doing Saturday Like This, You’re Wrong



Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!! The day created for sleeping in and doing as little as possible. I love Saturday. Most of the time it’s what gives me the drive to survive my whole week. Just being able to sleep in one day, just one day is enough.
Unfortunately, that didn’t happen today. It was a long week, full of lots of social activities. I don’t mind social activities, but they do wear me out. And I had something to do every day this week.
Except Monday. I was in bed at 7 on Monday.
But this morning my eyeballs snapped open at 6am on cue. Gah!!
I fought it for a few hours, and gave up. But I still haven’t put on real clothes today, so the protest continues.
We’re puppy sitting today, and it makes me feel like it really is time we get a dog again. After the terrifying attack from the last dog, and the hard time we were having with money, I wanted to wait until I knew it would be OK. I think it might be time.
So no real pants, not a lot going on, I’m just not really interested in doing very much.
And that’s what Saturday is for.

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It’s 7:30, Aaaaannd… We’re Done Here!


I’ve been hibernating. Well, sort of. I mean, I still go to work, pick up the kids, come home and make dinner, and a few other assorted tasks. But I shut off at about 7:30 every night. That’s it, no more gas. Jessie stops.
I just can’t do more. I still talk to the kids, spend time with the family, but I’m not even trying to keep up with the pace I kept a few months ago. I’ve decided I don’t care. If the kids aren’t here, I can’t even bring myself to make dinner!
I have had a few really good things work out. My car was quickly deteriorating into a death trap, and there was no way to drive in the show without sliding all over. We finally decided to go get a new car, and like a week later, there is a massive snow dump over the Midwest. The timing was epic! My new job is nice and pays better. The girl I work with is hilarious, and it seems like I’m doing well so far.
The greatest thing is that we are getting an awesome tax refund this year, and it looks like we will be getting out of our hole.
I will be having a busy weekend. One child wants to go bra shopping and another wants me to take her to the Sponge Bob movie. I dig on Sponge Bob, I might be down.
One funny little thing that happened this week (there were many, but I have a hard time remembering them all), the middle child was telling me about her friend at school who is in Italian club. I asked her what that was, and she said that they learn things about their culture. I asked “do they teach them to say ‘ey,yooz guyz’?” She didn’t miss a beat and said “no, he already speaks Italian”. And then didn’t understand what was so funny.
Freakin’ kids.

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Wake Me Up In January

Courtesy   Yes, it's time to hibernate. Just like this.

Courtesy Yes, it’s time to hibernate. Just like this.

I am radically uninspired to work today. I would like nothing more than to nap in protest. Just go to bed and stay there till maybe Thursday. Make some sort of cocoon out of the blankets with just a tiny hole for my eyes and nose to stick out, and hibernate.

Yes, I realize it’s early in the season for hibernation, but it’s like a pre-game for the holidays. November and December are a crazy blur. I think they are for any parent. You go in to it like “this will be great! We will have family over and good food and we will all have a great time!” Then by Christmas you’re doing crazy things, like crying because you ran out of butter (true story).

I do this every year. Every year I get all amped up for the holidays. Every year, it wears me down, things go wrong, people get mad at you because your schedule doesn’t match their ideals, or you can’t be in 3 places at once. Or, despite having told them ahead of time, they buy someone the same gift as you. And you have to be awesome and return your gift and start from scratch. Every. Single. Year.

This year, the odds are already against me. I’m already wiped out and done for, and we’re not even close yet. I’m prepared for people to be upset and disappointed with me. And I also am prepared to not care. They are NOT walking in my shoes. They don’t know what I do from day to day. They may not understand the sacrifices I’m making for my family (the little tribe I live with, not extended folks).

That’s okay, they don’t have to understand, I just hope that they have enough holiday cheer to reach out and help without judging. Support without criticism.

So if you have a family member who’s got a lot going on, or if you yourself are dipping below the waves a bit, now is a good time to make bonds of reinforcement. Be proactive in protecting yourself against the season. Get an ally. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or ask someone if you can help.

Because holiday time in the land of Mommydom is a crazy place, and sometimes it helps to use the buddy system to not get lost. Or lose your mind. Good luck! I’m hibernating.

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A Celebratory “No”!


I feel like this fish. And i don't care.

I just don’t want to do it today. I don’t care what it is, it’s not getting done. I have an unusual amount of “no” pent up on my system, and it all seems to be purging today.
I got up and made a nice breakfast, helped in the tiniest way with laundry, and that was it. I have blatantly refused to contribute any further to society today. I mean, I guess it’s a good day to be frazzled, not contributing is kind of the theme of the holiday at hand.
I haven’t even tried very hard to keep myself out of bed much today. But then I realize that I haven’t had much time to spend in bed for quite some time now. I took my first successful nap in months yesterday. That was exciting.
I guess today, I just don’t care and I’m not doing anything for anyone. Normally I work so hard and give so much that I’ve just run myself down and dang it, I deserve the right to protest action from the comfort of my bed! I’ve earned it!
You know what? You’ve earned it too. Revel in your “no” from a sanctuary of pillows today! Celebrate this great holiday with a nice nap.
Tomorrow we all gotta go back and face the man.